Bukoba town is halfway Serengeti, Mwanza and Uganda and provides an excellent stop-over between the mountain gorillas and Tanzania’s main national parks. Often called Tanzania’s most peaceful and beautiful town, Bukoba is located at a wide bay along lake Victoria, evergreen with banana and coffee gardens covering rolling hills intersected by natural streams, wetland, grasslands and natural forest.

The area provides a habitat to more than 400 different bird species. Many migrants make a stop-over and stay between October and April.

Bukoba has good facilities for tourists and business travellers. There are several internet cafes, money can be changed at the banks, ATM services are available for VISA cards. The main shops, small supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, garages, tour operators and other services are located around the central market.

  • Interesting birding places by foot, bike or boat; Minziro forest is a true birder’s paradise
  • Excellent walking and mountain biking trips.Vehicle trips to nearby rock paintings, traditional iron processing and konyagi making.
  • Fishing on Tilapia and the spectacular Nile Perch or enjoying a boat trip on Lake Victoria.
  • Bukoba’s daily market is certainly worth a visit.
    Bukoba’s small museum has an excellent collection Kagera nature and wildlife pictures.
  • Relaxing at the beach along Africa’s biggest lake.
    Rubondo Island National Park and Lake Burigi Game reserve are virtually untouched wildlife reserves at less than one-day’s drive away.
  • Hunting trips can be arranged through the regional wildlife office in some of the Kagera game reserves (Biharamulo, Burigi, Ibanda).
  • Visits to tea and sugar estate / factories and coffee processing plant.

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